Holistic Ways of Healing – Geobiology

Natural and artificial disturbances

We understand geobiology by all that a diviner finds as natural and artificial disturbances when he investigates sleeping areas and houses: Medicine, physiology, pathophysiology, physics, biology and geology, just to name a few of them. These fields of knowledge are touching on the surrounding factors of a sleeping area.

Artificial disturbing factors have been explained extensively under the term ‘baubiology’. Natural disturbing factors are geological manifestations such as geological faults, veins of water and the radiestisia phenomenon (diviner) of the grids.

What are faults?

A fault is a tectonic fracture or a disturbance of an originally intact position of rock, where a complex of rock is split into two massifs at a moving surface (tectonic fault) and these massifs are shifted against each other. Water is developing in this gap. This cleft water contains radon, a radioactive gas which we breathe in the interior of houses and which influences the lungs through cell damage. It may lead to cancer of the lungs.

In sleeping areas above a fault it affects the radiated parts of the body because of its high intensity. Malignant changes of the cells may be possible here, too.


A married couple had lain in the same sleeping area for 9 years, when cancer of the rectum was diagnosed with the woman. Two years later the man had cancer of the colon. Later his liver was affected.

The investigation by radiestesia showed the following result: A fault was running diagonally through the sleeping area at the height of the woman’s lower abdomen and the man’s abdomen. At the point where the fault crossed the pipe system of the underfloor heating, the cancer was found in the bodies.

The old underfloor heating, made of copper pipes has an effect like artificial disturbing factors. That is why they are especially problematic. Out of ignorance people used to put artificial veins of water into their houses.

Pic.1 Disturbances


Underfloor heating = blue
Tectonic fault = red

Veins of Water

Veins of water are canal- or tube-shaped underground ‘brooks’, that are suspected to be sending out microwaves. Their intensity (i.e. power, which can be measured with the dowsing-rod) depends on the amount of flow (efflux). The more and faster the water flows, the stronger it becomes. This has an impact on the pathogenic (sick-making) factors of man, if there is a vein of water in his sleeping area. The factor time depends on the intensity of a vein of water (or a pathogenic zone in general), when physical symptoms will show. The body strives to quickly even out derailments in the courses of its system (homoeostasis) till it reaches a point, where this will not be possible any longer. This happens, when a person again and again lies down in the disturbed place. Our body needs the night for regeneration to ‘reload the akkumulator’. Instead of being reloaded, the body will be ‘discharged’ in a pathogenic zone -as for instance a vein of water. A conventional medical treatment will be of little success under these conditions, as long as the situation of the sleeping area is not taken into consideration.


Grids are forming net-structures, that run across the surface of the earth, being more or less regular. They should be considered three-dimensional and of a cube-system. Partly the phenomenon of these structures is even disputed among diviners.

Assumedly there are four grids, that have considerable pathogenic characteristics:

Pic.2 Grids

  1. global grid
  2. diagonal grid
  3. "lightning-grid"
  4. Benker-grid

In my experience mainly the 2nd grid, 3rd grid and Benker-grid have to be considered.


A four year old boy, who had had surgery because of an inflammation of the mucosa in the air-containing cells of the mastoid, and who showed a retarded physical growth, who was easily tired, had hardly any appetite and could not sleep well.

A measuring showed the following situation of his sleeping area:
Points of intersection of two grids – diagonal grid and lightning-grid in the area, where he was lying with his head.

Pic 3. Points of intersection of two grids


lightning grid = blue
diagonal grid = red

Two weeks after changing the sleeping situation the boy slept through, in the course of a quarter of a year he had grown so much, that he needed three sizes larger in shoes, he had a healthy appetite and showed normal development.

How do I notice, that my sleeping area is disturbed?

  • bad/light sleep
  • feeling smashed when waking up
  • headaches/migraines, that only vanish in the course of the day
  • decrease in performance
  • other physical symptoms, that are resistant to treatment
  • often to be found with children: distortions, they wake up in a different position
  • in a different sleeping area (for example on holidays) these phenomenons do not appear