Good Places

In the old days geomancy was accepted as a science. With the help of radiestesia tools (dowsing rod, pendulum) ‘good places’ could be found. Among those are cult sites (as there are for example temples, thing- and assembling sites, megalithic tombs), onto which in later times after Christianization churches, cathedrals, monasteries, convents and also castles were built.


‘Good places’ are shaped by leylines. Leylines are power-lines of the organism earth, to be compared with the meridians on the human body in acupuncture. In my experience up to now they are arranged in a similar way as the vascular system of man. Big lines, that are connecting the continents (comparable with the big arteries, for instance the aorta) and that are branching more and more over land like in a capillary system. In the capillary of our body the exchange of liquids between blood and intercellular space is taking place. If we look upon leylines as being an information system, then there will be an exchange with the environment in this capillary system as well.

From this point of view we can imagine, that there will be blockages whenever disturbances occur. Our construction machinery (excavator, bulldozer, etc.) have an impact on this system like a surgeon’s knife. Every excavation on a leyline, every ditch and every sound-insolating wall around a settlement is leading to disturbances of this system, even at places that are miles away.

When there happen numerous accidents on a straight road section and traffic-experts are shrugging their shoulders, because they cannot find an explanation for it, then we can suspect that leylines are disturbed.

I have come across houses and estates, which were situated on disturbed leylines, where there were a lot of accidents happening, the inhabitants had frequently been having a row, depressions and thoughts of suicide appeared as well as alcoholism, where improprieties and deceptions took place, that went as far as murder.


If leylines are changed back into their original state, the situation at that place will change, too:

An elder lady suffered from heavy depressions and had even played with the thought of suicide. A quarter of a year after the line had been treated, she was a different person, open to the world and cheerful. She let everyone know, that she was the ‘same old one’ again.