Holistic Ways of Healing – Baubiology

Toxic influences

Today the artificial disturbing factors of our ‘third skin’ (apartment, house) determine the major parts of toxic influences on the human body: One of those parts is produced by all kinds of electric installations that make all possible fields, waves and radiation (which also have an effect outside the four walls, as there are streetcars, municipal railway, transmission lines, underground cables etc.); another one is caused by those construction materials, which in many cases are toxic because of their composition and which are giving off their harmful emissions into the air; another part acts through the furnishings, that are mainly of synthetic materials, which not only make them electrostatic but can also profoundly influence the ionisation of the air in negative ways. Thus it is not possible anymore to find the exact causes of chronic diseases. A precise relating is prevented by this multi-factored happening. Plus there is today’s diet that is essentially degenerated and unhealthy.

Dramatical Influence of Mobile Communicatios

The situation in our living-rooms has changed dramatically with the springing up of a Global System for Mobile Communications, because new high frequency pulsed fields have appeared additionally to the low frequency 50 hertz (Hz) fields, the cause of which is in almost all cases home-made and thus can be turned off to a great extent. At the same time the introduction of the second generation of cordless telephones, the so-called DECT-Telephone (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), succeeded in installing the mobile communications antenna right in the house/apartment. „Although the small basic station is transmitting unequally weaker than a D- and E-Net transmitter mast, the small distance to the body makes good the difference in field intensity.“ (Maes) Another disadvantage lies in the fact that it is transmitting incessantly even when not used.

According to Dr. v. Klitzing, who deals with the changeability of brain currents through pulsed radio, these changes already occur at 1000 µW/m². Values of up to 40.000 µW/m² are normal at a distance of 1 m; at a distance of up to 5 m the power decreases to 1400 µW/m² (Siemens Gigaset 910). For this simple reason it is extremely advisable to change such a telephone.

It is to be noted that all these values are still unofficial, as in Germany merely the thermal effect is paid attention to, whereas the non-thermal (not heating) effect is not taken into account. That is why there is no official limit, although sufficient research results of GSM and its effects on living beings exist.

Posible restrictions and diseases

The scientific results so far indicate the following restrictions and diseases:

  • Changes of the brain current
  • Brain tumours
  • Opening of the blood-brain barrier
  • Disturbance of the haematinic system
  • Disturbance of the immune system
  • Still births, monstrosities and changes in behaviour of animals

For more information about GSM and DECT-telephones see www.buergerwelle.de.

For more information about electrosmog in: Maes, Wolfgang: Stress durch Strom und Strahlung. Published by Institut für Baubiologie + Ökologie.

Improvements of one’s own living- and room-climate

Based on all these thoughts it seems to be sensible to find out by house investigation how far improvements of one’s own living- and room-climate will be necessary and possible. Often there won’t have to be changes of construction, but small movements will be sufficient, as there are alteration of a plug or removing a radio-alarm clock from the bedside table or removing a baby phone out of the infant’s bed to get rid of major disturbing factors. This can often lead to an improved depth of sleep, headaches will possibly decrease and you can also reach a better ability to concentrate.

Microwave ovens are normal standard in today’s kitchens. Their frequency is at 2.45 GHz and they are pulsing with 50 Hz, as is usual for the mains. They should be absolutely sealed so that nothing can leak, but they often aren’t. Experience shows that their leaks are working in all directions. Several years of research have shown that microwaves can lead among other things to cataract, because of their deep penetration into the tissue. Especially the eye is very susceptible to warmth and therefore should be protected in particular. Equally the lens capsule’s elastic qualities change leading to a mechanical tiredness of the membranes. For all these reasons you should in any case avoid looking through the window of the microwave oven and leave the kitchen during cooking time.

Inner rooms restrictions

The above described restrictions by the so-called ‘electronic smog’ alone are enormous and the harmful chemicals in the air on the basis of pollution of the inner rooms in our homes add to it, influencing our well-being via lungs, skin and mucous membranes.

In many houses and apartments there are still harmful building-materials and furnishings that haven’t lost their dangerousness over the decades. Throughout the fifties and sixties building-materials were used rather heedlessly (for instance Lindan and PCP-containing wood-preservatives). Without going deeper into toxicology and differentiation structures of harmful chemicals, a few building-materials for inner rooms and furnishings are introduced as examples in the following.

The effects on our health have only been taken by choice:

Building material Contents Effects on Health
Parquet flooring, glued in the sixties PAK polycyclical aromatic hydrocarbons (Benzoapyren) Carcinogenic,liver-, kidney-damage
Wardrobes made of chipboard, surface sealings of parquet, flooring and furnitures Formaldehyde Mucosa-, eye-irritations, allergies, migraines, nausea, anergy, dizziness, sleep disturbances, colds; carcinogenic; among other things responsible for Sick building Syndrome
Leather-couches and -chairs; woollen carpets PCP Pentachlorinephenole Asthma, bronchitis, immuno-suppression; carcinogenic; causing MCS
Synthetic carpeting; Vinyl wallpaper Phtalate (softener) (DEHP), /DBP), (BBP) (DEHP) carcinogenic; damage of the fetus; mutagen; affection of liver and kidneys
Woollen carpets Pyrethroide (Permethrin) Neurotrauma; irritation of the skin; affection of liver and kidneys; carcinogenic

As far as the risks and dangers of these chemicals have been researched, they are listed in a danger-list. There aren’t many. The complete domestic ‘scent-cocktail’ never has been examined. And this will also be impossible in the future with approximately 5000 ‘new creations’. Thus it is understandable that under these conditions limits are just showing a restricted evidence.

Various new clinical pictures are among others linked with these poisonous substances found in the home:

  • CSF – Chronique Fatigue Syndrom
  • MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • SBS – Sick Building Syndrom

Toxic influences in living- and working-areas are discussed in connection with CFS.

Patients with MCS show that their central nervous system is affected: Headaches, dizziness, weakness of concentration, loss of memory, depression and nausea, etc.

SBS means a multi-factored illness, often caused by new or renewed buildings in connection with extremely defective air-conditioners, where the patients either live or work. Immune system, skin and mucosa, neuro-psychic reactions and dyshormonism may show the symptoms.