Holistic Ways of Healing – Entwined systems

Family Constellation Method According to Bert Hellinger

Every human being is born into their own family-system, which always has a dynamic of its own. It may happen, that someone unconsciously takes on something from an ancestor he never even got to know in person, because he was born before the latter had died. This often happens, when the heavy fate of this ancestor has not been recognized or a great guilt has not been released. Then a member of this family sacrifices him/herself to make up for the guilt or suffering of this excluded ancestor. He/she then cannot create their path of life the way they want to.

The Family Constellation method serves to bring these unconscious involvements into the light. In the case of such an entwining involvement it will be experienced as freeing, when the recognition in love of this ancestor has happened.

Hellinger himself once said, that he does not know any therapy, that leads us so fast into our emotions.