Holistic Ways of Healing – Energy-Bodies

Energy-Bodies and Chakras

Who has not experienced, that another person came physically close and you found this closeness uncomfortable. You then tried to get away from this person. Such an experience is pointing to our aura, which shows us that we are more than just a physical body.

The aura has seven energy-bodies enveloping us like the peelings of an onion. Through Chakras (Sanskrit: Chakra = wheel) they are connected with the body . Chakras open up funnel-like with different rotating movements outward bound. In the body they are connected with each other by a narrow tube-shaped canal. They are responsible for specific organs and glands. In case they are blocked, the corresponding areas of the body will be affected.

The same applies to the aura-layers. The inner ones have a lot to do with our own emotions and feelings, the others are leading more into spirituality and the certainty to be one with all there is. Changes of feelings are also influencing the aura. Thus it can show physical changes/diseases much earlier before the symptoms appear.


A four year old girl. At the age of three she experiences her first heavy asthmatic attacks. She is shy, restrained and retarded in her growth.

An examination showed that her aura was full of grief and pain and that the corresponding Chakra was blocked. In acupuncture the lungs are related to grief/sadness as an endogenous (inner) factor. At the time of her first asthmatic attacks her mother had separated from her father and her much beloved grandfather had died.

After few treatments on the energetic level the asthmatic attacks stopped, the girl became cheerful, put down her restraint and at the same time experienced a thrust in her growth.