Holistic Ways of Healing – Past Life / Regression Therapy

Recognize acute / chronic symptoms and causes of disease

A while ago a patient came into my practice, who had caught a severe cold and asked for treatment. I questioned him on how long he had suffered from this infection. He told me the day. I then asked what had happened the day before that. First he shrugged his shoulders, but then he remembered: He works for a company, that delivers food to private homes. For every new customer each driver receives a certain sum as bonus, for every 'dead card' – a customer, who has not ordered for a while – he gets a deduction of 10 Euros. Exactly this had happened to my patient the day before: His boss had taken 50 'dead cards' from him. This deduction of 500 Euros in the month of December was a heavy financial blow for a family of five, that the father had to accept.

Since the patient could not show his real feelings – namely anger – and had to grin and bear it, his feelings were directed inward and weakened his natural defense against infection. This case may serve as an example, how blocked and not-lived feelings very often lead to symptoms of disease.

Working organs

Acupuncture includes these considerations, when feelings as endogene (inner) causes are related to 'working organs'. If the feelings are not being lived, they might lead to physical damage:

Working Organ Feeling
liver anger/fury/wrath
heart overwhelming joy
milt sorrow
lung sadness/grief
kidney fear

Our linguistic usage knows expressions like 'A louse has run across his liver'(The English parallel: 'He got out of bed on the wrong side') or 'She is spitting venom' for 'She is in a terrible rage.' Or 'take something to heart' or 'That has got to my kidneys' (English parallel: 'It got to me').

Wrath and fury

The Bible also states a view on certain feelings:'…for sorrow hath killed many, and there is no profit therein.' (Sirach 30, 25) or 'Envy and wrath shorten the life, and carefulness bringeth age before the time.' (Sirach 30, 26) Not for nothing are wrath and fury one of the Seven Mortal Sins.

In the above example the patient could still remember the cause for his infection and for the feelings he had not lived. In most cases, however, this is not possible anymore. Here a regression can help, during which the patient is put into an alpha-state.
Alpha-state means a passing-through situation when falling asleep. It is a state that everyone experiences and in which everyone relaxes. In this situation the patient is becoming aware of things that he cannot fall back on in his normal consciousness. Again and again it is surprising how the person, who has done a regression, can perceive his/her own feelings. Be it fear, anger or sadness – they are experienced for a second time. Afterwards the therapist leads the patient into a mental space, where he/she recognizes, why this has happened to him/her. As a rule they see, that they had to learn something, but weren’t able to translate it into action. With this cognition they go back into the original situation thereby losing the former feeling. Thus it is solved

A case:
A thirty-year-old woman, who was suffering from heavy hay fever. The regression showed, that she could not express her anger, when she had come home after a prolonged stay in the hospital and her husband handed her the keys of their former shop in order to return them to the landlord. During her absence her husband had given up the business. On the same day she also had to be present at a social event.
Ever since she only has her symptoms when she does not acknowledge her feelings.

Symptoms derived from old incarnations

It happens frequently – the therapist cannot influence this – that the search for causes of the symptoms leads into another incarnation.

A case:
A patient suffers from pain in his lower legs. He has the feeling he cannot walk safely. Medical and neurological examinations were without findings. In the regression he is a forestry worker on his way home, walking beside the lumber wagon, which is pulled by two horses and loaded with cut trunks. Suddenly the animals shy, the wagon tips over, the trunks crush the man’s lower legs, that will be amputated in barbarian ways some time later.

The diffuse symptomatic complex became conscious to the patient with the knowledge he had attained in the regression. Afterwards he was free from complaints.

It may happen, that one regression is not sufficient, because similar symptoms have appeared in a different incarnation. In this case a repetition will be necessary.