Holistic Way of Healing – Dream-work / interpretation


A while ago I drove my car listening to the radio, when the presenter told the following: ‘You know what nonsense I dreamt last night? Well, I sit at my hair-dresser’s, who is cutting off my hair against my will. I tell him and try to resist, however, unimpressed as he is he goes on cutting.’

If that lady had known what she was telling her unfamiliar audience, she probably would not have told this dream.

Come from thinking that our hair is the ornament of each and every one, to which we attach great value, then nobody has the right to lay down, which hairdo we should wear. That is our very own business. The picture of the cut hair reminds of Samson, who is losing all his power the minute his hair gets cut.

In this case we can understand the dream in the way, that the lady has allowed a person, who is very close to her, to intervene drastically in her life, as if she were at his disposal. She does not have the strength to hinder him.

With this example I want to make clear, that we only need a picture to reach the conflict underlying the dream. Thus a dream gives valuable hints to every therapist, who knows about dream-interpretation. Then he can help the person, who asks him to.

Taking this dream for an example, we can assume, that it had been dreamt shortly before the person woke up. Therefore the dreamer was able to keep it alive into her state of wakeful consciousness. Dreams in the morning are mostly dealing with a subject of the day before.

Four states of consciousness

There are four states of consciousness we are moving in by day and night. All of them are expressing themselves by different cerebral frequencies:

Cerebral frequencies Cerebral flow patterns Cerebral activity Reachable conflict
14 – 30 Hz Beta – rhythm active attention outward bound conscious conflicts
9 – 13 Hz Alpha – rhythm active attention inward bound conscious conflicts
Amnesia – barrier
5 – 8 Hz Theta – rhythm REM; sleepy, without wakeful consciousness trance, visions unconsciousness conflict
½ – 4 Hz Delta – rhythm deep trance (immune system) unconsciousness conflict

This table shows, how our brain changes the cerebral flow patterns and with it the frequencies by day and night. The reading of this table is at 14 – 30 Hz, when we go to sleep at night we are going through the Alpha-rhythm (9 – 13 Hz) and reach the Theta-rhythm (5 – 8 Hz). During our sleep we are changing several times between Theta- and Delta-rhythm until we will be dealing with the unconscious conflicts of the previous day in the Theta-rhythm, shortly before waking up, (see above dream about the hairdresser). Unfortunately the nightly noise in our big cities does not allow the major part of the inhabitants to reach the Delta-rhythm. On the one hand unconscious conflicts cannot be dealt with anymore, on the other hand there is no regeneration of the immune system. Thus we understand, when the inhabitants of cities are becoming more and more aggressive and diseases of the immune-system like allergies etc. are increasing. One cannot rule out, that under this aspect the increase of cancer does experience a different evaluation.